Sometimes Self Defence Comes In Very Handy

This is quite an aspect that doesn’t get noticed much for people and nor does many people would direct their attention to something like self-defence as a matter of fact. Although when it comes to an emergency situation, we all would wish we knew how to face it and make ourselves knowledgeable about survival skills and self-defence. There are a massive number of self-defence techniques available in the world if you want to learn which has certain cultures and values that have invented such techniques. Especially techniques like shaolin martial arts and Kung Fu. These techniques have their own inherited values. However, this article will be discussing about self-defence in a few different aspects in the following manner.

Types of Self Defence Techniques

If I were to identify every single self-defence technique that’s available in the world as at today, it will be quite a tedious task. Not because of anything else but because almost every culture that has a significant amount of history, would certainly have evolved in to many other sub areas like a unique language, a unique dress code, and never to forget, a unique self defence system. Anyhow, self-defence techniques i.e. Karate, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu, wing Chun, Aikado, self defence class in Melbourne, Jeet kune Do, Krav Maga etc. which are the most common and widely used self-defence techniques available in the world.


There are many reasons why a person needs to know self-defence. Although there are a numerous amount of reasons why people are not interested in in learning self-defence either. However, here are a few reasons why should learn self-defence. It improves and enhances the confidence in a person to face challenges fearlessly, in a way it helps people to develop their self-discipline and it also helps to maintain the physical conditions of a person in a peak level which is quite an essential requirement to learn self-defence. One of the most important improvements self-defence gives you is the enhancement in your reflexes which is quite hard to obtain by engaging in anything else.

Most Commonly Used

However, out of the above mentioned techniques, there are a very few methods which are very common and popular in the world. It is said to be popular because people are aware of the existence of this technique and therefore respect the knowledge related to it. The most common methods are Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Martial arts and Kick Boxing. These have become popular due to a few characteristics which are common to all these self-defence techniques which is the simplicity.

Hence I believe this article has provided enough details and information about self-defence and as a result have been able to generate some kind of interest in leaning such things and adding value to your life.