A Guide To The Different Scoring Shots In Basketball

Basketball is all about scoring, and the game has evolved over time to introduce some innovative scoring methods besides the conventional ones. Each one involves extreme physical exertion and at the same time, smartness on the field while dodging the ball from the players and executing the action perfectly to enable the ball to land inside the ring. If you learn the different techniques to score, then chances are that you can outshine your opponent on the court. Let us look at the different scoring shots.

  • The layup
    When you undertake the basketball training, then this is one of the first scoring methods that you are taught. In this method, you dribble the ball either to the left of the basket or to the right of the basket, and within a few meters from the basket; you take a large stride, stop, and try to score from the corner of the Spalding basketball ring. This method requires intense practice but is really useful when the game is played on the field.
    • The banking
      The bank shot is an extremely important scoring method which you need to master in order to build your accuracy. In this method, the ball has to bounce the board of the ring before it lands inside the basket. Usually, a small rectangle will be provided which will serve as the marker to make the ball bounce on. In this shot, you bend your knees and go for the jump while holding the ball. At the peak height of the jump, you release the ball to make it strike the marker before entering the basket.
      • The hook
        The hook shot is also one of the most popular shots in the game. To execute this, you must ensure that your stance is such that the basket is faced sideways towards you and the hand that is dribbling the ball is also facing away from the ring. If your right hand is going for the shot, then you have to jump on your left foot and the opposite applies. The hand that is shooting must provide the necessary thrust when the ball is being made airborne, and the directional accuracy of the same is provided by the flicking the wrist.
        • Free hits
          Free throw can be practiced from any position on the field; some common ones are the midline. In this, you stand at the center, and without taking a step forward or backward, you aim at the board thrusting the ball in the lap and enabling it to land on the basket. Make sure that when you release the ball, the hand is airborne for a couple of seconds which will complete the follow – through. If you practice more and excel at the sport, you can build your career in the game and even the good basketball afterpay is higher.