The Obsession Surrounding Physical Appearance

It is said that beauty is only skin deep. However, a significant aspect of modern life and the world in general, is that physical appearance is given great prominence. How you look, what you wear, and how your genes are far superior to others, allegedly, are judged on a daily basis. Physical appearance is solely achieved by chance, at conception and birth. Therefore, the immense importance given to it may seem ludicrous. This has not however inhibited from each and every culture around the world from having their own standards for what aspects of a person are considered physical attractive.
As one cannot go back and be reborn with a different appearance, the obsession to fit society’s idea of beauty has driven many to venture into varied options to achieve that perfect look by taking a good protein.
Celebrities and the media has greatly fuelled this stereotypical approach, and pushed men and women; especially women; to look at their bodies in a derogatory way and be dissatisfied with its appearance. Extreme diets, pills, makeup, and surgery have become popular ways in which those who are dissatisfied with their bodies hope to alter them.
Weight gain
Although different cultures have their own norms and standards for beauty, one of the general stereotypes is that ‘beautiful’ means slender. This is especially true for the case of women. Slim women are considered better looking than a voluptuous woman. Although being extremely overweight to the point of obesity is in fact unhealthy, society’s almost unachievable expectations to be thin has led to even perfectly healthy women questioning their bodies’ appearance, and resorting to options such as weight loss supplements and liposuction surgery.
The cosmetics industry
The cosmetics industry essentially thrives on the fact that individuals, particularly women, are unhappy with how they look. Makeup application was once considered useful to cover any significant flaws and to highlight one’s best features. However, now it has become a way in which one may paint on an entirely different face to one’s own, and become another. Social media sites such as YouTube offers many ‘makeup artists’ who offer tutorials for ways in which women can drastically alter their appearance. From hair transplants to contouring, makeup has become one of the most destructive factors in terms of self-esteem of women worldwide.
Cosmetic procedures
Cosmetic procedures, including invasive and non-invasive procedures, have become extremely popular. Botox fillers to remove fine lines and wrinkles, and lift the appearance of your face are quite common and readily available to any woman across the world. One may even go so far as to settle for breast augmentation surgery or other similar procedures, to achieve their desired look. The health risks are obvious, due to unlicensed doctors becoming an ever-growing menace in this industry, and many women are left with botched surgeries and severe scarring, and even life-threatening consequences.