How To Lose Weight? Tips And Ideas For You!

Are you looking for ways to lose weight? Do you find it almost impossible to shed those extra pounds? Well, shedding off those extra pounds is going to require a whole lot of energy and of course determination from your side. As someone who was overweight and had zero self-confidence, Lisa of London shares her secrets of how she lost all that extra pounds!Here are her secrets to becoming just 110lbs once again!

Stay focused

The first thing according to Lisa is to stay focused to your goal. If you want reduce weight you need to remain focused to your goal. But first what is your goal? You need to have a long term goal like losing 50lbs from your entire weight. And that needs to be broken into smaller more achievable goals in the course of time. For instance, to have a goal to reduce 10lbs every month. This will help you stay focused!

Food rules

Next, you need to know what the food you can eat are and what you cannot. Lisa says, that trying to skip all of your favourite food all at once is only going to result in a relapse. So, instead she tells to take it slow. Drop off one “bad” food from your usual meal every week and add in its place one that will be good for your health. This process is slow but will be an effective one. And more importantly a lasting one. You don’t need to go for a beginners yoga Carnegie to learn how to meditate. You need to first go to the classes for the students which will help you train. Likewise you need to take everything step by step when cleansing your diet!


Exercise is another very important aspect that will help you to shed weight. In fact, if you don’t have proper exercising then even the healthy diet is not going to give you any much of visible result. If you want to see some visible results of exercising, then you need to keep increasing the intensity of the workout until you have pushed your limits. This will make you very probable to lose weight says Lisa. You don’t have to do yoga wheelers to lose weight. But you need to gradually increase the intensity of the workout to see results!

Weight watch

Watching your weight, that is you can either do measurements on a weighing scale or you could look at your body in the mirror to identify what you need to change in order to get that body that you desire. Also, you have the option to download many apps that will be able to keep count of your daily intake and how much calories you need to de consuming.